Bank Draft Information

As a customer service, the Water Department will draft your water and sewer bill payment from your bank account. Please note that after you submit the required materials to the Water Department to start a bank draft, it usually takes about 2 months for the bank draft to begin. Please check with our office for specifics on when the draft will begin.

Directions for starting a bank draft:

1. Click on the Bank Draft Form icon to the right.
2. Print the Bank Draft Form.
3. Complete the following information:
     a. Customer Name (printed)
     b. Customer Address
     c. Customer Signature
     d. Date
     e. Name of Financial Institution
     f. Address of Financial Institution
     g. Checking/Savings Account Number
     h. Financial Institution Routing Number
     i. Water/Sewer Account Number
4. Attach a voided check to the completed Bank Draft Form.
5. Mail the completed Bank Draft Form with the voided check attached to:

Lincoln County Public Works
P.O. Box 340
Lincolnton, Georgia 30817

If you have additional questions concerning bank drafts, please contact our office at (706)-359-5523
Bank Draft Form